seat modification for tall drivers

Ideally, a tall driver could raise their car seat to make space for their longer legs. But that's about it. I thought I would share my experience for any of you who might be considering such a radical move. So im not totally new to the forums,just this one. Power 8-way driver’s seat Premium fog lamps: Toyota Sienna: $58,495: Rear-entry and side-entry options Power 8-way driver’s seat Blind spot … Next... Cut & fit a short piece of angle iron and weld to back side of upright tube. I have considered driver’s seat comfort only fair for extended highway driving. Im currently a member of RZR forums,atvconnection and on arcticchat forums. The modification can be accomplished by one of the two ways outlined below. There may also be room to cut down and reweld the mounts, but could get complicated depending. The seats were reupholstered by the previous owner in this case. This type of modification was first suggested and performed by numerous Santa Fe Forum members. So tall in fact, my hair is touching the soft top, and my winshield sun visors are directly in … Remove the small back cushion from the seat. Added benefit to the mod is the raising of the seat. I fitted a piece of flat bar to put in place of it. My favorite is Ultimate seats and they have a king rider but it takes away 1.5 inches from passenger. The issue will be the seatbelt harness position as you’ll be further back from the window depending on how much leg room you want to gain. Therefore, it doesn't seem this modification would affect airbag safety. August 9 in General Discussion. The only company who seems to offer an aftermarket seat for tall people is Greiner. Risers are 2 kinds. What a shame! There is a modification I've seen that lowers the pedal area floor pan a few inches which cuts you some slack, and you could probably modify the seat to gain another inch. You might even bend your modified tracks over time. I'd have to see if I can pick up another set of rails somehow, I guess it only comes with the full seat track assembly. Home > Miata Tech > First Generation (NA) Tech > Altering NA Seats for Tall People. It's typical for any shop to high ball a quote for any type of fabrication. We had to remove the extra padding added by him. Clear editor. Same for Recaro.   Pasted as rich text. Step four: the upper half. Suggested By: macg467 Headroom: 35" Legroom: 45" Combined: 6' 8" Why it fits: The world was not designed with the very tall in mind, and the same goes for sports cars. I took it to a auto upholstery shop and had them cut out 1.5" of foam in seat cushion and replace with lower profile foam. Hi there, I know this topic has been discussed previously on some of the various forums but I haven't quite been able to find the exact information I need. Replacement seat? Holy shit! × have anything approaching a back seat when the drivers seat is positioned. They said the seat was a poor design for tall people and couldnt go any lower and couldnt make a bracket. Yeah I figured the airbag sensor story was BS. If you buy your clothes in the “big and tall” section, you’re probably used to the average car or SUV feeling like you’re stuck in the back of the economy section of a 747, and the person in front of you just reclined. Display as a link instead, × As Eck said many seat options. You might even bend your modified tracks over time. Then I opened the thread. Explore Our Forums. The reason they raise the seat 19mm [3/4"] is because the front 90deg bracket on the existing seat runners bolts on top of the adaptor/extenders. Reply. After tackling the lower one, working on the upper half will be a breeze. This is my 1st post here on the WC forum and i love the site. Corbau does have comfort seats but they don’t have any tall seats for tall people. Classic cars, Harleys, camping. Aside from having the seat lifted / raised you might be at an impasse. My new seats sit a good inch maybe a little more lower. It would be nice to have a little extra leg room but my upholstery shop says they can try to refabricate the rails to avoid the 3/4 inch height increase. Save Share. Often only simple non-reclining seats fit and even then if you are taller than 6′ you will have to squeeze yourself in. ... the bottom line is if u can drive and be, get into the driver's seat! The H-point machine was developed in the late 1950s, adopted by SAE in the 1960s and included as a standard in NHTSA Regulations in 1967-8. Comfortable and spacious, the highly popular car also awes with huge cargo capacity – one of the highest in its category. Sparco focuses on racing seats and does not really have a product line around comfort seats for tall people. You can post now and register later. Breakout 107 and Breakout 114 are long, lean and perfect for the taller rider. By Adjustable and non adjustable like I have. I usually solve problems like this with a trip to Lowes and spend $20 bucks on some aluminum or steel stock or angle iron along with some nuts and bolts. You quickly start to run out of space to adjust the seat. Here is the floor pan mod on a Midget (about half way down the page) However, the limited vertical space within a car means that a tall driver needs to lower their seat. Their model is the Vario XXL. and with a little muscle they fit in without modifications. Legs for days? The seat gives ample space for shifting back, and the high seat supports your lower back. Most aftermarket seats will sit an inch or so higher than stock, due to the mounting bracket adapters. also what a lot of people don't know is seats from pik n pull are cheap, anything with foam is cheap because if they don't sell it they have to pay big bucks to recycle it. The passenger seat folds forward by folding the backrest down, which is connected by a cable to the release. they are like brand new and they are a lower profile seat. Total: 167 (members: 18, guests: 86, robots: 63). The airbag sensors are in the seat, so cut and welding two rails together shouldn’t change anything other than extending the harness, and then weld two new studs in the rear to bolt it to, and grind the others off. I purchased an Alto K10 recently, and it was primarily for my wife to drive to office and back. Our King is 19 inches wide for the rider and stock height, 14 … One of the few common complaints among owners of the Toyota Prius model NHW20 (2004-2009 model years) has been an ergonomic one: inadequate legroom and thigh support for tall drivers. I have a question regarding the modifications available for short drivers.   You cannot paste images directly. In fact, the back seat in my 1993 Bronco is removable in about two minutes with no tools, which turns it from a five-passenger SUV to a two-seat pickup truck. Modification version 1 adds extra leg room by way of adding metal extensions to the seat rails.

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