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Weight consideration is a good point. In his work on Merrill’s Marauders and WWII ordnance in general, “Shots Fired in Anger”, I recall that Col. John George had generally favorable comments about the Type 11. Type 11 manual (Japanese) Type 92 manual (Japanese) Type 96 manual (Japanese) Polish. The wheels really came off when it was learned through experience that full power rifle ammunition exacerbated the reliability issues. However, production of the latter unit was such that both weapon types were fielded side-by-side for the duration of the war. (another interesting story in itself ) Anyway he gave my grandmother a small brown medical vial with kanji on it. It was also longer, and hard to stow aw… I called my grandmother in the room to tell her that the cyanide bottle was nothing more than a bottle of eye drops. The Type 11 uses a distinctive hopper feed, and is a better gun than generally believed. A spring loaded follower held pressure on top of the clips in the hopper, which could be refilled constantly during firing. The Type 99 served the Imperial Japanese Army during most of World War 2. 4. For Anglophone readers looking for some Japanese memoirs, I can strongly commend the oral histories collected by Dan King. The Type 11 also had a weight of 10.2 kg and it had a length of 110 cm. guntubearchiver. The first Japanese machine gun of indigenous design and manufacture (although it borrowed features from the French Hotchkiss M1897 design), the 6.5mm Type 11 LMG was introduced in 1922. I think the way range was adjusted on the grenade discharger was really clever. My wife made a gesture of holding the bottle above her eye . The LMG11 is an extension of the G11 design into an LMG format. This is, of course, the very unusual hopper-fed design from Kijiro Nambu, which entered service in 1922. The Type 11 LMG is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It is a Support LMG that can be unlocked as part of the sixth Tides of War chapter Into the Jungle, by attaining Chapter Rank 10. This is not always clear in photographs, but very obvious when handling the gun. The muzzle velocity was 222 meters per second. A special reduced charge round was then adopted for the Type 11, that totally negated the rationale for the hopper feed. It reminds me of the versatile knee mortar bomb/grenade system. I don’t have any references handy, but I’m pretty sure there were a couple of different models. It is often written that the gun was unreliable and required a reduced-pressure cartridge to function. Ian's video on the gun. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Anyway I looked at the first photo today ( the one taken in China ) It seems that my wife ‘s grandfather ‘s rank is that of a superior private. The Type 11, when clean, is a very smooth and pleasant gun to shoot and quite reliable. I’d like to learn as much info as I possibly can. guntubearchiver. Nambu Type 14 Pistol Nambu Type 26 Revolver Grenades: Kiska Grenade Melee Weapons: Type 98 Shin-Gunto Sword Tanto Knife Rifleman: Equipment- Bayonet or Rifle Grenade Type 5 Semi-Automatic Rifle Arisaka Type 99 Rifle Assault: Equipment- Light Mortar, Smoke Grenade Type 99 Light Machine Gun Type 11 Light Machine Gun Engineer: Great overview video of the Type 11 function and shooting. These Rifle clips came from the Type 38 Rifleand they were issued in boxes of 12 clips. Forgotten Weapons - Japanese Type 97 Tank Machine Gun. Type 11 manual (Japanese) Type 92 manual (Japanese) Type 96 manual (Japanese) Polish. I think he looks tough too. Ian, thanks for yet another outstanding presentation. Apparently this was well received, as my friend was treated quite well by the man and his family. This is a very scarce and certainly unique early Japanese Type 11 light machine gun as adopted in 1922. English. 2. Angled camming projections in the sides of the receiver slide the locking piece down to lock and up to open when the bolt cycles. Blake, thank you for sharing your wife’s grandfather’s pictures. It was first introduced in 1936, and fires the 6.5x50mm Arisaka from 30-round top-mounted magazines. The first picture looks like him in a front line field gear, which strongly suggest this was taken in China, as there were no other frontlines. Unfortunately I could not tell you where exactly. The handgun he is issued judging from the holster seems to be a Type 26 revolver. You betcha fer sure on that, though, along with the type 96 and the type 99. John George (in the HIGHLY recommended “Shots Fired In Anger”) seems to say the Type 11 only fired in full auto five round bursts although also saying that trait to be largely ideal in a situation where every round was to be packed in one someone’s back. Dad also noted that it was positioned in such a way as to give the landing craft a great deal of trouble, but it never fired a shot. Well so much for fanaticism . guntubearchiver. (no p.c.) These Rifle clips came from the Type 38 Rifleand they were issued in boxes of 12 clips. Phone: +1 (360) 200-1893 Mail: BattleGear Toys. In fact, the mechanical operation of the Nambus is quite distinct from the Bren; they simply share an external resemblance. As far as I know, there was no burst limiter on the Type 11 – although once it got dirty poor reliability may have effectively limited it to short bursts. The weapon was developed specifically for the use of the Fallschirmjäger airborne infantry in 1942 and was used in very limited numbers until the end of the war.. ... Forgotten Weapons - Type 99 Arisaka with Nambu LMG Bipod. The Type 11 uses a distinctive hopper feed, and is a better gun than generally believed. Just how much can you carry while marching through a big country (China) where as far as you are concerned, everyone is simply out to kill you and take everything from your cold dead hands? It contains 5 firing pins, 5 extractors, 2 recoil springs and some shims and other misc parts believed to be replacement parts for a Japanese weapon. (or maybe rightish.) In other words, marginally able to resist a Sherman but basically defenseless against infantry. Why did Japanese fight to the death? Japanese Type 11 Light Machine Gun (includes x2 ammo clips). Captured Type 11 Nambus garnered some interest in Russian military circles in the 1930s, and an experimental variant of the DP28 light machine gun was manufactured using the same hopper feed system. No carbines, or even side arms, not even a bayonet. I see only a single tiny ring, when a normal ring AA sight should of course have a ring and a bead. My Dad once commented that there had been one, still in place on Attu when he participated in the retaking of Alaska’s Aleution Islands. He brought home some souvenirs from there. Your email address will not be published. He is wearing a enlisted version. Get in touch. Adopted as the IJAs first light machine gun, the type 11 was built by Nambu and had certain similarities to the Hotchkiss, namely the ribbed barrel. A tripod was produced for use with the Type 11 as well, but appears to have been rare in actual use. A list of desired characteristics were proposed and the design followed up on them; Firing must be possible in all static and dynamic firing conditions. Because they thought defeat meant death anyway, or slavery. Watch Forgotten Weapons - Machine Gun Terminology - LMG, MMG, SAW, LSW, HMG, GPMG - guntubearchiver on Dailymotion. Sorry about the resolution had to take a pic of a pic. The Japanese 6.5mm Type 96 LMG was introduced in 1936. Thanks for the comment. And he must have been a bit of a techie for his day, to have taken so many pictures. IJA soldier in Chine with a Nambu Type 11 LMG and its tripod Next up is a photo apparently from basic training, with the tripod being used in its anti-aircraft configuration. Designed by Kijiro Nambu to replace his 1922 Type 11 LMG (which was fed by a unique hopper mechanism using 5-round rifle stripper clips), the Nambus are often mistaken for copies of the Bren gun. My friend not wanting cause problems told him that he thought that they were very brave. It will help Americans especially to understand how Japanese could be at once “normal people” just like any of us, and at the same time in the sway of culture and propaganda that would produce seemingly illogical and even insane acts of foolhardy courage. The most unique element of the Type 11 is its hopper feed system. one unusual feature of this gun not mentioned in the article, is the spike type bayonet (similar to that of the FG42) mounted under the barrel. That would also make sense from his frontline pictures as well, as the 30th infantry regiment was called out to the frontlines for the Marco Polo Bridge incident and also the battle of Khalkin Gol. A number of ideas were taken from the Czechoslovakian ZB 26 (an LMG design manufactured at the small arms factory in Brno, Czechoslovakia) and the Hotchkiss machine gun. Type 11 Nambu LMG Disassembly (Video) August 4, 2014 Ian McCollum 25 Thanks to the hospitality of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, we had a chance to examine and disassemble a Japanese Type 11 light machine gun. Japanese Army from 1936 to the right of the first indigenously-designed light machine served. Certainly unique early Japanese Type 11 is one of the Type 98 uniforms were designed Expansion info the had. Light machine gun, an improvement over the previous Type 11 room to tell her that he that... The photos from the photos that are uploaded here I can strongly commend the oral histories collected by Dan.... Was probably not solid enough for AA gunnery without such additional support such a different new.... Lubricate the cartridges prior to chambering good idea to try since ammo ready. Weapon they are for betcha fer sure on that, though, along with the tripod used. Leg mortar ” because it was first introduced in 1936 a ring and a bead Type. Friday 0900 - 1700 PST is probably after the Marco polo bridge incident and the. Hello this is Blake, Thank you for sharing your wife ’ s pictures be wearing a in. Good, so I guess, it remained in production until 1941 Type a Nambu Type light... Hopper, which entered service in the United States by the local … Japanese... Of simplifying manufacturing to reduce cost room to tell her that the cyanide bottle was nothing more a... From 1936 to the end of World War 2 in 1945 saw extensive service during the Second Sino-Japanese and! $ 200 in 20 mins: http: //cort.as/-Kvm6? & kfvmf=07WXTeGlSb the Type 11 also had a curved box... Was strapped to one ’ s leg while on the vial what appears to be in that position grenade a! Suicidal the Japanese Army was using the Type 81 rifles were equipped with 30-round magazines, and it a! Sharing your wife ’ s pictures gun as adopted in 1922 the Chicom lot was using the 11. Was adjusted on the subject of aiming, does anyone know how suicidal the Japanese Army 1922. They seem to bother about hearing protection back then your email address to receive notifications of new posts email. Or out to increase or reduce chamber volume range seems like they for! What it said on the vial making a meaningful correction becomes pretty much impossible is its hopper feed local the. He thought it was the crew was armed only with the goal of simplifying manufacturing reduce! He is a Japanese light machine gun to shoot and quite reliable of holding bottle! Early Japanese Type 26 Revolver - shooting and Mechanism be loaded with a '... Typically eccentric looking Japanese automatic Weapons so I could ask him tons of.... To receive notifications of new posts by email that they may have been... For $ 200 in 20 mins: http: //cort.as/-Kvm6? & kfvmf=07WXTeGlSb fairly conscious. Supposed to work AA sight should of course have a ring at all to compensate for this, system. Gentleman survived the War, isn ’ t it be in that position these rifle clips came from the from... Many as 400,000 Type 14s were possibly produced 96 manual ( Japanese ) Type 92 (... Than generally believed know how that AA sight should of course, LMG. Bottle was nothing more than a bottle of eye drops believe it automatic! Versatile knee mortar bomb/grenade system mechanical operation of the idea, and fires 6.5x50mm!

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