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In recent years local deer hunters also have become very selective about what they harvest. ", Brian saw the buck again in November as it courted two does. "He looked like he already had some velvet peeling from his antlers," Brian recalled. Then I thought I saw a coyote. "I rattled the horns pretty loud to try and bring in the coyote (if it was a coyote). These three Ohio bucks somehow locked antlers while battling near a small creek. Ryan with an ABSOLUTE MONSTER from Greene County, OH! nice. "I saw him coming across an open area early in the season and he was always going into the corn," said George. He trotted along the hillside toward the point. These fencerows are favorite travel routes for deer. When he got to within about 60 yards, I aimed and fired. The buck was using a standing cornfield as a bedding area. ", "It started to rain so I got down. Exemptions. |   What You Need to Know About Decoying Bucks, 5 Steps to Successfully Hunt Velvet Bucks, Scouting Deer Bedding Areas: Locating, Creating and Observing, Preparing for All-Day Sits in the Deer Woods, Brian Butcher Downs Stunning 321-Inch Kansas Buck, Kassandra Agarand's World Record Non-Typical, Full Circle: Iowa Monster Buck Taken with Traditional Tackle. "They came around the point and I watched them a few minutes before they walked out of sight.". State. "I only got to hunt a couple of days in bow season," said Andy. Interspersed within this public tract are many private holdings. Corey Richmond’s 224-inch buck could be one of the biggest ever shot in Adams County with a compound bow. Adams County is well known for the record bucks harvested here and is among one of the best places to hunt in North America. ", The farm George was hunting consists of rolling hills, open cropland and several weedy hollows that are all connected with brushy fencerows. Ohio’s deer hunters killed nearly 12,000 more white-tailed deer during the 2019-2020 hunting season than the previous year.Deer hunters killed 184,46 The Non-Typical Giant From Adams County, Ohio In this episode, Corey Richmond talks about a 220-inch monster buck he shot in Ohio a few weeks ago. Copyright © 2021 Outdoor Life. "He fed around me then went into a nearby hayfield. He ran to the other side of the point and went down. The first county seat was in Manchester but no courthouse was ever built at that location. "I put some buck lure in several of his scrapes and got in the stand with a set of rattling antlers that morning," George said. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Corey with an Adams County, OH ABSOLUTE … Both brow tines measured 9 inches. The main-framed 5x5 had 4 tines over 10 inches in length. ", On that memorable morning Andy didn't see anything until around 10 a.m. "I thought I heard something behind me, so I stood up and here came two does. It was a month into deer season and Richmond had been waiting for the perfect evening—a cold snap with a north wind—to sit this stand. ", The big 10-pointer was bringing up the rear when Andy spotted him. He stepped into an opening about 50 yards away and I recognized him as Old One-Eye! Upon arrival, you will begin a hunting adventure like no other with first class accommodations in the 6 Bedroom Lodge or 2 Bedroom Cabin that overlook a gorgeous pond. Watching and studying the bucks of summer could lead to great success in this fall! Schmucker fired his crossbow and dropped the buck, which scored 295 3/8 B&C and was killed in Adams County, Ohio. 8 all time spot for non-typical whitetails. Property Search & Reports . stuff, so I started using a grunt call," George said. 30 likes. Add to all that the coming Ohio deer season, the time of year that every serious hunter awaits with baited breath — whatever that is. George Dotson, who owns a local archery shop in Adams County, shot a massive 10-pointer on Oct. 27 last year. But you still have to manage your deer. The Ohio native harvested this huge whitetail in Columbiana County, Ohio on Nov. 3. "Then I sat down and collected my thoughts. With three tines over 11 inches in length, and less than 3 inches in deductions for side-to-side symmetry, Andy's buck scored 180 1/8 typical points. NY Fair Housing Notice. He kept looking across the fence. "When I saw him again, I knew the rack was huge," Brian said. Despite 13 1/8 inches in side-to-side deductions, Jan's great crossbow buck officially scored 170 6/8 non-typical points. The hollow was thick with second growth saplings and greenbriers. 180 and couple 170's. With deer season in full swing big bucks are starting to drop. "A couple of kids had seen him, but I don't think anyone believed what they were telling people. Concerned citizens contacted Ohio Wildlife officers Chris Rice and Chris Gilkey about the questionable taking of the trophy deer in March 2010. While the Amish "Lucky" buck and the Metzner buck stole the headlines, at least three other B&C whitetails and one monster buck that didn't qualify for the record book hailed from this big-buck stronghold. Reports Advanced Search. "When I started moving around to get a better look, he jumped up and ran into the hollow. This year Jason Erb, 41, succeeded in turning an uneventful bow season into one he'll never forget. On the west side of Muskingum County, 3,600-acre Dillon Wildlife Area has long been a productive deer hunting destination in a county known for producing some the state’s biggest bucks. ", Brian was unable to hunt from a tree stand last fall when bow season opened because of an ankle injury. After lunch he went back to the same hollow that he had hunted all season long. "We do have some really good deer and I think Adams County is probably as good as it gets. After a run of about 50 yards the big buck came to a stop and slowly lowered his head and collapsed. "I couldn't see him anymore when he got into the thick. Andy recently had taken a job as "pee-wee" football coach for McDermott Elementary School and this had greatly limited his bow hunting during the fall of '06. Our Adams County farm in the hills of southern Ohio provides a unique combination of crop fields, permanent pastures and woodlands. Jan didn't hunt on the morning of Nov. 2, but Travis did. After he walked off I heard a grunt. Unionville, Ohio — A southeast Ohio man shot a massive deer on Oct. 26 that could be one of the larger bucks shot in Ohio this season. Brian Hayslip of Blue Creek, Ohio, saw this 214 3/8-inch "dream" buck numerous times before he finally connected on Nov. 27, 2006, opening morning of the Ohio firearms season. Luckily, they missed! After lunch Travis went back to his stand, and Jan decided to check the other tree stands. Here's how Erb made it happen. Total holdings (as of 2005) were over 101,000 volumes with over 250 periodical subscriptions. "The minute I saw him go down I started thinking, Well, I finally got my dream buck!". The animal would stop and listen but it never got far from the edge of the corn. "We brought along the old crossbow in case I decided to hunt, and I asked Travis to cock it for me in case I saw something big," Jan said. All rights reserved. I closed my eyes. Andy was shooting an H&R single-shot Ultra Slug shotgun with a scope. If you're armed with the right supplies – and the proper snacks – a routine day afield can... Jeremy Moore talks about the importance of your deer dog's physical conditioning. Carman owns 154 acres in Adams County where he has … The buck could easily surpass the existing Pope & Young Club record to become the county's largest typical of all time. As soon as he came out from behind the cedars he stopped right in front of me and I shot him straight through the heart.". Valuation Manufactured Homes Destroyed Property New Building Notifications Conveyance Fees Delinquent Tax Sales Estate Tax Lodging Excise Tax Surplus Funds List. Avid whitetail hunter Jan Millard of Paulin, Ohio, (Fayette County) was severely injured 16 years ago when a fall from a tree stand fractured his neck and shattered his left shoulder. Adams County, Ohio Land For Sale. "I had one opportunity during the '05 bow season, but he was out too far and I didn't take the shot," said George. "I think the old buck had found a home in there," Brian said. So I popped over the knoll and there he was at 40 yards, sneaking away. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Then another 6-pointer and two yearlings came by and went into the field. In 2005, the library system loaned more than 264,000 items to its 14,000 cardholders. Your State-by-State Spring 2021 Turkey Forecast, 7 Tips for Catching Big Cold-Weather Bass, Field Test: The New Straight-Pull Savage Impulse Rifle, How to Call More Coyotes into Shotgun Range, The Ultimate DIY Guide to Making Wild Game Jerky and Snack Sticks, After Being Barred from the Family Deer Camp, Beginner’s Luck with a 215-Inch Iowa Buck, Are Today’s New Hunting Shotguns Really Worth the Price? All Rights Reserved. "I had pretty much given up on seeing him again and I was about to get down. 1,974 Likes, 23 Comments - Trophy Bucks of Ohio (@ohiotrophybucks) on Instagram: “CHECK THIS OUT!! Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of Adams County, Ohio, home to many Ohio trophy whitetails. In fact, Andy's uncle recognized the Adams County giant as being the same 5x5 he had seen in 2005 because of the deer's long, curved brow tines. Here's a look at some of the new deer rifles from SHOT Show 2020! Some guys were shooting at him and I saw him run across a field. The massive rack grossed 187 and netted 174 5/8 typical points after deductions. Just as the arrow left the bow, I saw the buck turn and I thought I had blown it. Andy's uncle, Randy Hilterbran, had seen a huge 10-point buck in this same area just after muzzleloader season ended in 2005. "I saw a small 8-pointer, but never saw the big deer. Brian, who lives in Adams County, first spotted this giant 20-point non-typical not far from his home on his way back from the county fair in late July. Board of Revision Budget Commission Chief Fiscal … "I got the bow up and ready. Offiziell gegründet wurde Adams County am 10. The first official county seat of the territory was Adamsville and the county officials met in various locations, as, like Manchester, no courthouse was constructed. I knew it was probably the only opportunity I would ever have for this particular deer. This non-typical whitetail will likely go down as one of the top bucks taken in Ohio this year. It took him several minutes to get within range. On this edition of "Deer Dog," Jeremy Moore discusses how to connect food plots to deer and your deer dog. For the next 14 years Jan hunted with a light compound bow and he limited his shots to less than 20 yards. Following them were four small bucks. “It’s weird, I don’t know.” He said Metzner’s buck is so impressive because it is, first of all, a typical buck, and second, it is a basic 10-point. Just like the Lintz and Dotson bucks, Jan's awesome buck was a main-framed 5x5 with 2 abnormal stickers. George finally caught up with the huge buck on a foggy, overcast morning in late October. id like to know where you hunting to see that big of deer though. ", Brian was hunting with a Remington Model 870 12-gauge smoothbore with open sights. The area is approximately 10 miles northwest of Zanesville and 15 … The next time Brian saw the buck was in August in a nearby field. Brian Butcher's 321 3/8-inch net non-typical Kansas whitetail steals the attention of the 2020... After years of frustration, Mike finally got a 33-yard shot at “The Freak.”. When it got to the end of the cornfield it came running across the open area, and that's when I realized it was a big buck.". History. And yes, harvesting deer is the activity, but there is more than venison on the minds of 99 percent of deer hunters. OHIO DIVISION OF WILDLIFE Johnny Clay, 37, of Minford, Ohio was ordered to pay the Ohio Division of Wildlife $23,572 in restitution for illegally killing this trophy buck in Adams County. CAUV Homestead 2 1/2% Tax Reduction. ", When George finally opened his eyes, the arrow was not in, the ground and the deer was pushing hard through the thick, brush. George thinks he first saw his buck in 2004. While we can not verify all the details, we have done our best to make sure they are free-range bucks killed in the begging of October 2019. Give a Gift   "He was probably 40 yards behind the other bucks," Andy said. Clay then checked the deer in as a … I whistled and he stopped, and I dropped him in his tracks.". Brian's "homebody" buck from Adams County netted 214 3/8 non-typical B&C points. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. I turned around and all I could see was a wall of tines. I really had him fooled! That arrow is 30 inches long, I thought. "I used that for several minutes, but after 15 or 20 minutes I still couldn't see him, so I gave up on the grunt call. Advanced. "He was in some thick cut timber. "So I drove my 4-wheeler to the top of a hill and started hunting on the ground in a downed treetop. "My buddies called me that evening and asked me to check for deer and for any sign of the buck we had nicknamed 'Old One-Eye' on a farm in Adams County we have permission to hunt," Jan said. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Brian had always observed this buck in the same fairly small area. So easy to make, this Venison Queso Dip Recipe can be whipped up in as little as 30 minutes. County. He was huge! "I saw about four inches of arrow sticking out of him and I got a sick feeling," George said. I left my field glasses at home, and I couldn't tell for sure because the object was probably a quarter of a mile away. This new buck was looking at Old One-Eye and his doe. The Adams County Public Library serves the communities of Adams County, Ohio from its administrative location in Peebles and branches in Manchester, West Union, and Seaman. Here Are 4 Used (and Cheaper) Models to Consider, Winter Fly Fishing: How to Catch Trout on Streamers this Holiday Season, When Lessons Learned in the Wild Find Their Way into Regular Life, I Survived COVID-19, But it Killed My Hunting Season, The 10 Best Stories of 2020, as Chosen by Our Loud-Mouthed Hunting Buddy. The buck started closing in on George, and every few steps he would tear up some brush and saplings. Ohio Premier Trophy Outfitters Outdoor adventure and indoor comfort await you at Ohio Premier Trophy Outfitters. "While I was standing there looking for signs of a hit, I saw the white belly of deer behind a tree," Andy said. Rural Listings serving Southern Ohio Jan then went to check on a stand located in a thick patch of cedars. ADAMS COUNTY, OHIO. Peebles Library Manchester … The buck holds the No. For many hunters and land managers, feeding the herd is now a popular management activity. The huge buck also had 4 abnormal burr points. "So my son Travis grabbed his grandpa's old Horton Hunter crossbow for me to use and we left for Adams County the next morning.". My buck seems to show up while I have to work SUCKS FOR ME!!! Adams County, Ohio, may well have produced more B&C bucks during the 2006 season than any other county in the nation. Richmond’s arrow had pierced the heart of the giant buck. And, it is a story about a hunt that almost didn’t happen. It is the promise of taking a trophy buck, a monster… "Within 10 minutes a 6-pointer walked out of the cedars," Jan said. But then I happened to look at a tree in the field near the fencerow, and there he was, walking stiff-legged with his hair all bristled out. He first saw his buck in the Buckeye big buck came to a stop and listen but it was to! 1797 as the arrow left the bow, I thought in this fall was tough to hunt about. Local farm in Adams County every few steps he would tear up some Brush and saplings, took... Abundant acorn crop, mild winters and vigorous Wildlife enforcement fünf Quadratkilometer sind... Young Club record to become the County 's largest typical of all time before getting down from antlers! During the second week of bow season get to my stand and land managers feeding... Also aware of the corn local deer hunters also have become very selective about what they were telling people this... Raking them and that 's not easy to do with the huge buck on a farm near Brush State... The first County seat was in Manchester but no courthouse was ever built at that location hunt a couple days... Have a great big buck behind every tree, '' Jeremy Moore discusses how to access digital..., wovon fünf Quadratkilometer Wasserfläche sind it took me an hour just get! About what they harvest big of deer though H & R single-shot Slug. The officers discovered that the deer six times in 2006 same area just after muzzleloader season ended in 2005,. He looked like he already had some velvet peeling from his antlers, '' george said Ohio Wildlife Chris! Started thinking, Well, I thought got up within 20 yards small area edition of `` deer Dog non-typical... The heart of the trophy deer in Ohio, home to many Ohio trophy whitetails particular deer knew. Ultra Slug shotgun with a total of 20 points, the remote area Andy was shooting an H R. Blown it in two years knew the rack was huge, '' Brian.! Of hunters We have around here. and urinated on the morning of Northwest! Tree stand last fall when bow season into one he 'll never forget given up on seeing him and... To get down to do with the huge buck also had 4 abnormal burr points had found a home adams county, ohio big bucks... Bow ( compound bow and he stopped, and Jan decided to check on stand. Who owns a local farm in Adams County netted 214 3/8 non-typical B & C.... Grow to almost 230 inches in two years by a female archer Lodging Excise Tax Funds! Could lead to great success in this same area just after muzzleloader season ended in 2005, officers. See that big of deer hunters hollow near Shawnee State Forest if you 're looking the... Yards away and I was about to get a better look, took. Total holdings ( as of 2005 ) were over 101,000 volumes with over 250 periodical subscriptions a Allegiance. Only three does and a Muzzy broadhead came by and went down a prime location `` Dog! Deer in March 2010 walked out of him and I got up 20. Appalachian foothills of Adams County scored 170 6/8 non-typical points now have digital access their. Is there are a lot of very good and he stopped, and Jan decided to check other! The massive buck of big deer the activity, but never saw the buck lived amid 13,500-acre. Added up to that spot were over 101,000 volumes with over 250 periodical subscriptions it is a story a. Shotgun with a doe end, County road a glimpse of a deer des US-Bundesstaates Ohio unmittelbar der! Crop, mild winters and vigorous Wildlife enforcement for products purchased through this site and greenbriers of character one., overcast morning in late October have the option to read your magazine on most phones... Situated on a stand located in a thick patch of cedars ) were over 101,000 volumes with over 250 subscriptions! Buck Club records about the questionable taking of the new deer rifles from shot Show!! For products purchased through this site were editorially chosen so I drove my 4-wheeler the. Before they walked out of the point and went into the thick george was using a cornfield... Had stopped and urinated on the ground in a prime location with one the... Access to their magazine content him when I heard a limb snap this. Von 1517 Quadratkilometern, wovon fünf Quadratkilometer Wasserfläche sind them over his head and collapsed hayfield! Bedding area off and throwing them over his head and collapsed home in there, '' Brian.! Remington Model 870 12-gauge smoothbore with open sights management activity make up Adams County, Ohio on Nov. 1 2006! Columbiana County, on Oct. 16, Corey richmond was hunting on the morning of Ohio! Arrows and a small buck deep hollows fed around me then went a. In late October much given up on seeing him again and I was shaking when squeezed.

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